Personal Production Manager


Your Personal Production Manager acts as your dedicated liaison on Collllor. Simply communicate your requirements, and the Manager will source the right vendors, negotiate costs, and ensure the quality and timely delivery of your order.

Service fee: $75/per order. 
The first consultation is Free.






Frequently asked questions



1. What is hiring a Personal Manager? 

Hiring a Personal Manager on connects you with a Specialist, a professional with expertise in the printing industry. They help you find reliable printers and assist with navigating the world of printing materials and options through messaging based on the agent's availability.


2.What can a Specialist help me with? 

Your Manager will assist you in understanding differences in textures and materials, explain various printing methods, and provide recommendations based on your budget and deadlines. Please note that while Managers provide valuable assistance in navigating the printing options, the ultimate responsibility for the final outcome lies with the printers. They are responsible for the quality of the finished product. Your Manager will be there to help and provide support should you encounter any issues with the printer or the printing process.

3.Will I have a dedicated professional for my orders?

 Yes, you will have a dedicated professional who will keep track of your orders and requirements. This way, you won't need to re-tell your specifications during your interactions with the Manager.


4. Is the service free? 

The first consultation with the Manager is complimentary. However, for subsequent consultations, the cost is $75 per job. Once you've discussed the project details with the Manager, you will receive an order confirmation before proceeding further.







*Design, print production, and delivery is charged separately.
First consultation is free, then $75/order.
Order confirmation upon detailed project discussion  
No Cancellations after the order approval.

Your relationship with Managers comply with our Terms of Use