Become Collllor Expert

Join us to make a difference at Collllor.


Collllor is a technology platform that estimates custom jobs and connects print professionals and print buyers.


As a Collllor Expert, you use your own expertise and knowledge to help Collllor Buyers to select the right materials and print options for their projects.  Experts are paid a flat fee of $75 per order completed using the Collllor platform.




Who is qualified

Professionals who have knowledge of any materials in the printing industry and are not associated with any seller or supplier on Collllor can apply to become a Collllor Expert.



What are the steps to sign up?

Signing up to become a Collllor Expert is easy. You'll get started by sharing some info about yourself and the materials you'd like to curate on the Collllor platform. 


We'll need to :
- review your credentials
- ask a few test questions to make sure you know the fundamentals of Collllor.

Once we've approved your application, you will become listed as a Collllor Expert and start receiving online service requests and start earning.


Apply to become the Collllor Expert


Agreeing to terms and conditions

To be able to provide your services using the Collllor platform, you would need to review and agree to Collllor's Expert Terms and Conditions. Collllor requires this to be completed before you can receive service requests.


Accepting requests

We send the service request to all qualified experts.

You'll get contacted by the method you selected at registration. When you receive a message you'll be able to accept it, by tapping the “ACCEPT” button. 


If you do not want to accept the service request, tap the "x" icon. 


Getting paid

You'll get paid by the method you selected at the registration. 

When the buyer gets his questions answered,  you and the buyer can press the “DONE” button. This will let us know the service was provided successfully. We release payment within 10 business days. The order automatically ends within 3 business days after the service started.



To change the contact method or opt-out from the service, contact our support team