How Collllor works


  1. Independently Estimate Any Idea
  2. Compare Prices from Various Vendors
  3. Request Custom Quotes (NEW)
  4. Prepare Design
  5. Initiate an Order
  6. Payment
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. Shop Ideas (NEW)
  9. Know Materials (NEW)
  10. Hire a Pro to Order for You
  11. Make Sure You Get What You Expect


1.Build an Estimate

On Collllor, you build your product step by step and immediately see who can print the combination and at what price. Collllor offers a complete range of options for highly professional ordering. Note: If you don't see some options - we don't have vendors for these options yet.


2.Pick the Right Vendor


The more options you add, the less vendors can fulfill the order. To select the right vendor, pay attention the reviews and order sample kit (view profile), see portfolio (if the vendor has it). Additionally, each vendor has their own estimating page, featuring individual products and capabilities( click on the vendor's name in the profile).



3.Request Custom Quotes (NEW)


At price point, you can open the form to request more prices. Your request will be sent to all matching vendors to bid. Once you select the vendor and approve the order, the bidding request will be removed from all other vendors accounts.



4.Prepare Design


We do not offer templates at Collllor. You can order professional design from independent designers (See list of resources here), or see featured designers in the Ideas catalog (NEW).



5.Initiate an Order


You send an intent to purchase when you place an order. This means that the vendor has to approve the order. Communicate with the vendor in chat (Any order appears in the chat thread).  If the vendor approves the order with no cost changes, the order moves to In Production. If the vendor makes a change to the price, then you will need to approve the order. 
If the vendor does not respond within 24 hours of you placing a Purchase Order, Collllor automatically cancels the order. No payment is charged to your credit card.




We charge you 100% of the total once the order is approved. Vendors receive 50% of the total immediately. You can't cancel without losing 50% of the order (unless you discuss the other terms with the vendor - vendor will contact us to inform about the agreed cancellation terms).



7.Quality Assurance


You have 6 days after delivery to check the quality.  If you need a reprint - vendors reprint free of charge - partially or in full, upon your agreement with the vendor. Returns do not guarantee a 100% refund. It is up to the vendor to decide. Collllor is not responsible for the final result.
Write private feedback in chat. Public review is mandatory.
Vendors can also rate buyers. Therefore, we encourage you to keep all of your conversations on the platform polite and respectful.


8.Shop Ideas (NEW)


To make it easy and convenient for companies to see what is trending, what other companies are ordering, or to simply find what you need by looking at the samples, we have added an Ideas Catalog in the upper right corner. You can also do an idea search from the top of the page.
It shows thousands of ideas and links to pricing from various vendors.




9.Know Substrates (NEW)


For advanced ordering, we now offer the largest online catalog of Substrates (Materials or Textures) It is the most structured and comprehensive guide to materials in the printing industry.

Search (from the top of the page) by product (boxes, folders) or by substrate weight, type, or class (paper, plastic; 10pt, 17mil; kraft, corrugated). Each part of the name below the image can be searched.

The catalog organizes materials from thin to heavy, from uncoated to coated, from white (the default) to off-white (light shades), to colored (other colors than black), and to black.

Images should not be considered representative of any particular design or associated with any particular vendor and are intended to visually demonstrate the characteristics and appearance of the texture.

Click the "i" icon for a brief description and usage recommendations. 

Unlike the main Estimator, the Textures Catalog shows all options available in the industry, regardless of whether we have those vendors listed or not. At the top right, sort by vendor availability, and then open the material to customize it.



9.Make Sure You Get What You Expect


Click “Help” at the top, and hire Collllor Artwork professional. They:
-Prepare your artwork for print
-Make sure you receive exactly what you expect. 

10.Have Everything Done For You


Click “Help” at the top of the page to connect with your dedicated Design-to-Print professional. They:
-Select the right options based on your specific needs
-Prepare the artwork
-Place order
-Make sure you receive exactly what you expect.










Contact us if you have any questions.