Offer Custom Printing online with Collllor

Printing online is a fantastic opportunity to reach buyers at a scale unimaginable in person. Here we answer a few frequently asked questions.

What is Collllor marketplace?

Collllor is the world’s fastest-growing print distribution platform with an average of 50,000 new products listed weekly. The platform educates on newest materials and methods, preliminary estimates jobs and connects Buyers and Sellers directly. 


What are the benefits of selling on Collllor?


1.Specializing in commercial printing, we let sellers sell even the hardest-to-find capabilities to specific niche markets.


2.The Lowest 4% Per Order Selling Fees contribute to higher profit margins.


3.Storefronts without the need for portfolio Sellers start selling within seconds. 


4.Custom Quote Generation completely automates sales. Collllor educates buyers on available options and helps to select the right solutions for the project. 


5.Specialized Community: Our sellers get access to special prices directly from equipment and supply manufacturers. 





What products & services can I sell on Collllor?


Stock and cut-to-size products: business cards, postcards, announcement cards, invitations with matching envelopes, trade cards, rack cards, EDDM with mailing services, envelopes, flyers, posters, folders, letterheads, certificates, table tents, header cards, retractable banners, yard signs, directional signs, flags, woven labels, apparel patches, tissue paper, bags, totes, roll labels, stickers, rugs, mugs, pins, photo buttons, stretched canvas, plastic and paper cups, bottles, umbrellas, tents, corks, LED display walls, vehicle wraps - this is only an approximate list of products;


Large format+ estimated by square feet, inches, yards, mm: custom textile, wall graphics, floor graphics, window graphics, outdoor and indoor banners, signs, posters, flags, photo enlargement, rugs, also folded, corrugated, or rigid packaging flat die-cut - the sky's the limit; 


Products in rolls (linear sizes) - custom textiles, bags in rolls, printed films (various wounds), wrapping paper, overwrap films, heat-shrink films, cords, ribbons, tapes, woven labels, single wall corrugated board, neon soft cord signs, and much more.


3-Dimensional stock and custom size products - rigid boxes, folded boxes, corrugated boxes, stock displays, backlit signs, neon signs, letters, inflatables, ceramic, glass rigid plastic vases, awards, sculptural art, 3D printed details, signs, letters, blisters, bottles, trays -the list is constantly growing.


Apparel: printing, embroidery, woven, patches on the catalog and customer's t-shirts, hoodies, tops, caps, and more.


Multipage stock, cut-to-size products: hardcover and softcover books, albums, catalogs, magazines, directories, newspapers, notepads, NCR forms.




What materials does Collllor support?


All types of materials, including non-adhesive and adhesive options and composite materials. All kinds of paper (from tissue paper to corrugated and laminated multi-ply), wood, plastic, films, foils, metal, glass, ceramics, rubber, resin, foam, and more. We can instantly add new materials upon request.



Who is responsible for the shipping?


The sellers. Sellers have the following options: free shipping, flat-rate pricing, FedEx, UPS, local delivery, and pickup. Collllor does not sell UPS or FedEx shipping labels. 



We have prices in our system. Can we merge with Collllor?


Yes. Collllor offers a complimentary transfer of assets. When you register, mention it in your capabilities description.



How hard is the listing?


You don't need any programming knowledge to list on Collllor. The time depends on the complexity of your products. For instance, a large-format product may take as little as 3 minutes.
When you register on Collllor, a step-by-step guide will walk you through the listing process.



Is selling on Collllor infinite competition on price?


While prices are essential for some clients, we focus on customers who are willing to pay more for factors such as sustainability, innovation, quality, value, faster turnaround times, excellent customer service, fast delivery, pickup location convenience, design services, hard copy approvals, color matching, and other desirable options that may be challenging to find elsewhere.

Furthermore, your storefront on Collllor is designed to be easily discoverable and personalized, where customers can access your offerings without being overwhelmed by many other options.

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