Shipping & Delivery

Updated 4/14/2021

We reserve the right to update and revise the Shipping Terms and Guidelines without prior notice to reflect changes in our policies, services, and/or in response to our customers' feedback. When we do make changes to this Shipping Policy and Guidelines we will revise the "last updated" date at the top of this Policy. Please review it each time you place an order with Collllor, because the current Shipping Terms and Guidelines will apply to all shipments from that date.


Shipping Terms and Guidelines


Your contract is between you and your Vendor (here Seller) only.  All products are shipped by the individual Sellers. Collllor does not ship any products.  Collllor has no control over any shipment of products. 

These General Shipping Terms and Guidelines are for your information to help make the shipping process simpler and more understandable concerning what is being agreed to and what is not between you and your Seller.

If your order is produced at a Seller's facility that is close to you, you may be able to either pick up your order or take advantage of a local delivery service option. 

Sellers ship all packages via UPS or FedEx. The standard shipping level is UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, but you may elect to use an alternative to UPS/FedEx shipping during the ordering process. Shipping charges are based on the rates charged by UPS/FedEx and they may vary from time to time. Saturday delivery is available at an additional charge. Please contact your Seller for more information regarding shipping. All orders are shipped FOB shipping point, which means ownership and risk of loss transfers to you once Seller delivers the print products to the shipping carrier. If you elect to pick up your order, ownership and risk of loss will transfer to you when you (or your agent) take possession of the order. If you take advantage of a local delivery option, ownership and risk of loss will transfer to you when you (or your agent) accept delivery, or when the Seller delivers the order if delivery without a signature has been authorized.

Your Seller may or may not use your personal account with UPS/FedEx or any other carrier.

The estimated delivery time for any given shipment will vary according to the type of shipping you choose and by your location. Please note that although your Seller will make an effort to meet the estimated delivery times, because you and your Seller are using a third party shipping service your Seller cannot guaranty a specific delivery date or time. If you have time-sensitive materials, please make sure you allow sufficient time to receive your order.

For UPS/FedEx Ground shipments being made to a delivery point within the United States, you can use our Shipping Maps to estimate your package arrival from the time of shipment. Select the Shipping Map that corresponds to the production site you are provided with at the time of your order. Please Note: these Shipping Maps only provide you with an estimate of the delivery date; Sellers do not guarantee delivery on the date indicated. Also, when estimating your package arrival, the timeframe denoted on the Shipping Maps does NOT include the day of pickup by the carrier or the order turnaround time.

If you select a shipping service level other than UPS/FedEx Ground the delivery date will correspond to the service level chosen. Again, the delivery date does not include the day of pickup. If you select 3 Day Select, 2nd Air Day, Next Day Air, or some other UPS/FedEx special delivery level (or their equivalent) this means that UPS/FedEx is guaranteeing its shipping service within the time period selected. Note that only these special accelerated shipping services are guaranteed by UPS/FedEx within the UPS/FedEx time frames given. UPS/FedEx Ground is NOT guaranteed to deliver within the estimated arrival time.

Your estimated shipping time is in addition to the order turnaround time you selected during the order process. Add the turnaround time and estimated shipping time together to estimate the actual delivery date. 

If you have dated or time-sensitive material please plan accordingly and leave plenty of time to receive your order. We strongly suggest that in such circumstances you do not rely on UPS/FedEx Ground delivery.

Some vendors will ship to a destination outside of the United States.  However, it may be necessary to separately estimate the shipping time and costs. You may be able to enter the destination in order to receive an estimate of the shipping costs, but you should contact your Seller to receive an estimate of the shipping time involved. All pricing for international shipments is in U.S. dollars. Sellers reserve the right to refuse to ship to certain international locations. Please contact your Sellers for more information regarding international shipping.

The shipping process cannot generally accommodate the aggregation of multiple print orders for shipping purposes. Each print order will be shipped separately, will require a separate shipping charge, will have its own estimated shipping time, and may arrive on a different date to other products you have ordered.

If you are ordering multiple products on one print order, it is possible that these may require different production schedules by your Seller, and the estimated shipping time may vary for each separate product. If you are ordering a specially priced package of products, there will be only one shipping charge incurred. However, the individual products may be shipped separately and arrive at different times. If the receipt of multiple products is time sensitive please plan accordingly as we cannot guaranty that multiple product orders will be received on the same delivery date.

Orders that exceed size or weight limitations for the selected delivery level may be divided into multiple boxes. Your order confirmation and/or product tracking information will reflect the number of boxes you can expect for your order. If your order is divided into multiple boxes, each box will incur a separate shipping charge, and Sellers cannot guaranty that all of the boxes will be received on the same day.

Because UPS/FedEx does not ship to a Post Office box, it is your responsibility to verify that an actual street address has been entered and that it is the correct and accurate address (including zip code) for your delivery. We strongly recommend that you include a telephone contact number in your shipping information. Collllor and your Seller are not responsible for any delays, losses, or increased delivery charges caused by mistaken or incorrect delivery addresses.

Please verify that your payment information has been correctly entered. Shipments may be delayed because of improper credit card information and we are not responsible for any delay or loss associated with this.

Holidays may affect and delay your shipping times. Please take holidays into account when estimating your package delivery time.

If a package is not delivered due to a customer refusal (which would include a failure to pick up the product from UPS/FedEx, if applicable) or an error made by the customer, e.g., not submitting the proper shipping address, it may cause the package to be reshipped (with the corrected address if applicable), and you will be charged an additional shipping fee for this reshipment. You may also incur additional fees as a result of the inability of UPS/FedEx to deliver the order, as well as return fees. Even if you decline to have a product reshipped, you will continue to be responsible for the product cost, original shipping, and any additional fees incurred as a result of the product being returned, and you consent to these fees being charged against the credit card used for the transaction.

If, after placing an order, you wish to change the shipping address, you may do so up until the time the order is out for delivery. Each time that you request that Seller intercept and transport an order to a new shipping address (i.e., other than the one currently chosen) you may incur an administrative fee as well as any increases in the shipping fees and other charges UPS/FedEx may impose. You consent to these fees and charges being charged against the credit card used for the transaction.

Sellers will make every effort to adhere to the estimated shipping schedule and delivery date for your order. However, equipment failures, technical problems, shipping delays, and other problems beyond the Seller's control may delay the printing and delivery process. Under such circumstances, rush charges and other production fees may be waived or refunded as applicable. However, such delays are not grounds for the cancellation of an order. By placing an order through Collllor you are agreeing that Collllor and your Seller are not responsible or liable for, and no refund, cancellation, or credit will be due, as a result of shipping company delays, acts of God, weather conditions, environmental or dangerous goods incidents, perils of the air, public enemies, public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority, acts or omissions of customs officials, the authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, work stoppages or slowdowns, or other labor disputes or disturbances, civil commotions or hazards incident to a state of war, local or national disruptions in ground or air transportation networks or systems due to events beyond our control, disruption or failure of communication and information systems, disruption or failure of utilities, international customs issues, any other circumstances that are beyond our direct control.

Please take note that if you choose a residential address as your delivery address UPS/FedEx will typically not require a signature at the time of delivery and the package may be left at the address. If you require a delivery signature, please contact your Seller.



Mailing Services


When the order is given to USPS for direct mailing services, they assume responsibility for delivery to the provided mailing list.

For Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service, USPS assumes responsibility for delivering orders without a specific mailing list through the selected carrier route within a specific geographical area.



When you place an order, if pick-up is an available option for the product, you will be able to choose pick-up from within the shipping options you are offered. If you choose this option, the product will be available for pick-up when the status of the order (on our website) changes to O.K. for Pick-Up and/or we send an email advising you the order is available for pick-up. Pick-up hours vary (local time of the relevant facility).

If you choose the pick-up option please be prepared to provide a copy of your order confirmation as well as a personal I.D. For your protection, Sellers must reserve the right to refuse to turn over any product to anyone who cannot provide a copy of the order confirmation and/or adequate identification. PLEASE NOTE: Unless you make suitable arrangements with Seller in advance, Seller will not permit someone else to pick up your order.

Pick-up orders will be held for no more than thirty (30) days after the order status changes to O.K. for Pick-Up. An order not picked-up within 30 days is subject to disposal. Sellers will not provide a credit or refund for orders that are disposed of because they were not picked up within 30 days.


Local Delivery

Limited local delivery is offered at some of our Sellers' locations. At the time you place an order, if local delivery is available, you will be able to choose it from within the shipping options you are offered. Not all addresses within a delivery zone will be eligible for local delivery, and Sellers reserve the right to refuse to provide local delivery services to anyone.

Although delivery trucks operate Monday through Friday, depending on the Seller location and/or the zip code where you are located, the delivery may only be scheduled and available on certain days of the week, e.g., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Safety and scheduling issues mean that Sellers restrict the local delivery service to the ground floor/ lobby of multiple-story buildings. In addition, delivery will not be attempted if drivers are not able to safely park their vehicles. In the event that Seller is not able to deliver your order, they will make a second attempt on the next scheduled delivery day for the delivery zone. After two failed delivery attempts, the job will be changed to pick-up. (You have the option of completing a drop-off waiver form that will permit Seller to leave your order if nobody is available to accept delivery. Seller will not leave an order without written authorization.)

Collllor is not responsible for any problems resulting from delayed delivery or delivery failure (e.g. loss of business or customer). If you need to have your order by a specific time, we strongly recommend that you plan accordingly. Choose the appropriate turnaround time and either elect to pick up the order or select the appropriate UPS/FedEx overnight delivery option that can meet your schedule. 
Sellers reserve the right to withdraw, or change the terms of pick-up and/or local delivery (including changing the eligible delivery zones) at any location without prior notice.