Nondiscrimination Policy

Last updated: 4/15/2021

Collllor is, at its core, a platform dedicated to bringing the entire printing industry - people with differing backgrounds and experiences. We want everyone feel welcome and respected. This commitment rests on two foundational principles that apply both to Collllor’s Vendors (here Sellers) and Buyers: inclusion and respect

  • Inclusion – We welcome people of all backgrounds with authentic hospitality and open minds. Joining Collllor, as Seller or Buyer, means becoming part of a platform of inclusion. Bias, prejudice, racism, and hatred have no place on our platform or in our platform. While Sellers are required to follow all applicable laws that prohibit discrimination based on such factors as race, religion, national origin, and others listed below, we commit to doing more than comply with the minimum requirements established by law.
  • Respect – We are respectful of each other in our interactions and encounters. Collllor expects Sellers and Buyers to engage with each other respectfully, even when views may not reflect their beliefs or upbringings. By connecting people from different backgrounds, Collllor fosters greater understanding and appreciation for the common characteristics shared by all human beings and undermines prejudice rooted in misconception, misinformation, or misunderstanding.
  • Collllor  Sellers may not:
    • Decline an order based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.