Collllor Buyers Rating

Last updated 6/1/2021

To ensuring a high-quality experience on Collllor platform, Buyers rate their experience with Sellers at the end of every order, and Sellers do the same. Collllor regularly reviews that feedback and, through this process, we’re able to create and maintain a safe and respectful environment for Sellers and Buyers. 



Buyers' Rating


Buyers will not see the individual rating left for a particular order. Their Ratings are always reported as averages. Minimum 5 orders are needed for the Buyers to see their first average Rating. The rating is displayed under Buyer's name.



Two Areas When Rating Buyer

1. Easy and fast communication - be ready to answer all questions and submit files needed when you place your order and/or your vendor contacts you. 
2. Courtesy - treat vendors the way they'd expect to be treated themselves.