Seller Protection

Last updated 6/1/2021

When you deliver on your service promises to create good buying experiences, we will protect you from abusive buying behavior and from events outside your control.



Protection from Abusive Buyers


If Collllor finds a buyer's behavior is abusive, we will take action on the buyer and remove negative and neutral feedback and defects, including opened cases in service metrics.



Protection in the Events Outside of Your Control


We will protect you by removing negative and neutral feedback and defects when things happen that are outside your control, such as weather or carrier delays, or when the item arrives late but tracking shows you shipped on time.



A Buyer Falsely Claims an Order Was Not as Described


  • We will subsidize the return shipping label cost up to $6.00 per return for any false claim filed by a buyer that an order was not as described
    • The subsidy will be credited on your account within 10 days
    • For transactions to be eligible you must report the buyer
    • Credits will be applied where we determine the buyer made a false claim
  • We will also automatically remove negative and neutral feedback, defects, and open cases in service metrics