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We bring you print-ready customers & 1% reward points from each order.

For designers in print, packaging, signage, 3D printing, apparel, footwear and beyond:
We connect you with customers in search of exceptional and innovative ideas. But there is more. 
On Collllor, you are the creator of the entire design-to-production journey. You take responsibility not only for the idea, but also for the production execution. 
It takes more knowledge from you. But it rewards you many times over.

1. Submit your work

2. Work directly with customers. It is free.
3. Order print from Collllor and get 1% reward points from each order.



How to submit your work:


1. Search and select any product under the Idea-Based Estimator. 




2. In the catalog, press the “+” button at the low right corner.


3. Upload your work and fill in the form.



Tag is your nickname under which Buyers can find all of your works on Collllor.
Printing on Collllor field is optional. We will add it for you.


4. Press Submit.


We read all submissions within seven days and will contact you if we’re interested in publishing your material. We receive many projects and cannot call or e-mail unless a project is accepted for publication. If you have not heard from us within ninety days, please assume that we will not be able to publish your project. Submissions sent by regular mail will not be returned.

5. If your work is published on Collllor, please be aware that buyers may contact you directly. It's important to note that Collllor does not take commissions from these transactions and does not assume responsibility for the creative workflow and results.

6. To earn rewards, contact us to obtain promo code for your customers, or open your buyer account on Collllor. We will add your code to your account. 

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