Users Verification

Last Edited 04/27/2021

Users Verification is required to verify all users' identities to enable the continued use of Collllor.



Individual Verification


If you are an individual who is signed up for Collllor platform services, you will need to provide the following details so that we can verify your identity: 

First name, last name, email. 

We may additionally verify your identity by requiring your government-issued ID card. This can be one of the following:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A valid government-issued photo ID
  • A valid government-issued passport

This information allows us to keep your account on Collllor safe and active.


Business Verification


If you are a business, we’ll need to verify your business information in addition to your personal identity.


You’ll need to provide the following details about your business: Entity name, legal address, taxpayer number, your business identification number (in the US this is different from your employer identification number), along with the identifying details of the primary point of contact for the business.


Sometimes, we’ll ask you to take a new photo of yourself. This is different from your profile photo, which you may also be asked to provide.


Please be aware that completing this process isn’t an endorsement of any Vendor or Buyer - always use your own best judgment is the interacting with them will be safe.


North America Services Claim

Our North America Platform policy implies the vendor should have reliable evidence that the services or processing takes place in the U.S and Canada. We may also consider other factors, including how much of the product’s total manufacturing costs can be assigned to U.S. and Canadian processing and how far removed any foreign content is from the finished product. 



Background Checks on Users 


Sometimes, we may provide identification info from your government ID to banks and other financial institutions (which helps them enforce the various tax, anti-money laundering, and sanctions laws), as well as to law enforcement agencies (who may be conducting investigations requiring Collllor’s involvement.) These actions are 

Our goal is to work closely with these organizations and comply with our legal obligations, while also helping to ensure the respect, privacy, and security of everyone who uses Collllor.


While we believe these checks help us deter fraud and misuse of our services, they don’t guarantee that interactions with people who place orders on Collllor will be safe or problem-free.

For more info on this process, check out our Privacy Policy.