Scheduled Payment Terms

Last Updated: 12/2/2022

By placing an order and choosing to pay a portion of the order’s Total at the time of placing the order and pay the remainder of the Total at a later time (“Scheduled Payment” or also called the “Pay Over Time”), you agree to these Scheduled Payment Terms of Service (“Scheduled Payment Terms”), which amend Collllor’s Terms of Use (“Collllor Terms”) and Payments Terms of Service (“Payments Terms”) and are effective as of the date when you first place an order and use the Scheduled Payment.



The Scheduled Payment allows Buyers to pay a portion of an order’s Total Fees at the time of ordering and pay the remainder when agreed with the Vendor. The Scheduled Payment is available to Buyers for eligible orders when they pay with certain Payment Methods. If your order is eligible for the Scheduled Payment, the Collllor Site, Application, or Services (collectively, the “Collllor  Platform”) will notify you during checkout.


If you choose to order with the Scheduled Payment, the Collllor Platform will notify you of the amount and schedule of each payment due. On the second payment due date, Collllor will automatically auto-debits Buyer's credit card listed by Buyer on scheduled payments to pay the balance in full each billing cycle on the due date. See Buyer Auto-Debit Payment Authorization


If you make a modification to an order made with the Scheduled Payment, you will be notified of the revised payment schedule, as applicable, via the Collllor Platform. If the modification increases your Total Fees, you may be required to make an additional partial payment of the new Total Fees at the time of the modification.


You authorize Collllor to collect all amounts due from you pursuant to these Scheduled Payment Terms by charging the Payment Method used to make the order or otherwise as permitted pursuant to the Payments Terms. You agree that by selecting the Scheduled Payment, you may not be able to pay for the order with a different Payment Method or pursuant to a different payment schedule.


If Collllor is unable to collect any payment pursuant to these Scheduled Payment Terms, you authorize Collllor to auto-debit the Payment Method used to make the order on scheduled
payments and agree to perform the obligations set forth by the Bank Account issuer.

This authorization will remain in effect until Total is paid in full. In the case of a transaction being rejected for Non-sufficient Funds, Collllor may at its discretion attempt to process the charge again within 30 days, and charge an additional $35 charge for each attempt returned by NSF which will be Initiated as a separate transaction.


You will not be charged any additional fees for using the Scheduled Payment Feature.