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PhotoTex - Adhesive Floor Fabric

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Water resistant, wipeable and removable Floor signage material fo smooth, hard indoor floors, and tight weave carpets..

Possible uses:

Graphics on tile, smooth concrete, marble, decals, textured walls, floors


  • Simple Peel and stick self adhesive fabric.
    Certified ASTM D2047 and  ASTM E3030
    No need to laminate
    50% stronger tack
    Easy to remove
    Lead non toxic certified fire rated Class A
    Use with latex and solvent inks for short term use.
    Available in 54" and 60"x100" feet rolls.

Photo Tex Group Inc.
4030 Simon Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44512

Walter Gierlach Jr. , President
P: 330-783-0083