Order by Materials

Starting your product customization by selecting the right material is the most comprehensive way to customize your order on Collllor. View How.


Materials can be searched by:
material class - paper, glass, metal, textile, wood
specific material - corrugated cardboard, tissue paper, cotton, alder, EVA foam

the thickness of the material - 12pt, 15lb tissue, 80lb text, 4mm


Hint: Look for the material's name under the catalog image.


Note:  You can also search the Materials Catalog for products, such as envelopes, folders, mailers, and view editors pick. However, this way still requires a full customization process on the material page.


Order by Ideas

Collllor showcases the latest, most innovative, and inspiring design ideas you can instantly estimate and order from Idea-Based Estimator Catalog.  




The Idea-Based Estimator catalog, playful and visually engaging, invites buyers to explore a diverse range of captivating ideas and trending solutions for various business niches. When you click on an image that catches your eye, it instantly leads you to discover the corresponding pricing details from various sellers.



Here are some hints:


1.Search by Your Brand Color: If you have a specific brand color in mind, such as red or teal, you can enter it in the search bar. This will help you discover ideas that incorporate your brand color, allowing for cohesive and visually appealing designs.

2.Search by Niche Industry: To stay up-to-date with industry trends, search for specific niche industries such as real estate or manufacturing. This will enable you to explore ideas that align with the latest trends in your industry, ensuring your printed materials remain relevant and impactful.

3.Search by Products: If you have a particular product in mind, such as EDDM or folders, simply enter the name of the product in the search bar. This will present you with a range of ideas specifically tailored to that product, helping you find inspiration and innovative design concepts.

4.Discover Printing Effects: To explore unique printing effects that can elevate your designs, search for specific effects like foils, raised inks, or even leather. This will showcase ideas that incorporate these effects, allowing you to experiment with visually striking and tactile elements in your printed materials.

5. Samples in the catalog may feature multiple links suggested by our experts. We encourage you to explore these alternative options, as they provide you with a range of choices and allow you to gather unbiased pricing information.

6. If you can't find a specific item or idea, send us a note - our catalog is continuously expanding. We list over 50,000 products weekly and strive to provide what you are looking for.


Files and Payment

1.Placing your order serves as a Purchase Order (PO), indicating your intention to make a purchase. During the ordering process, you will be required to upload the necessary files. 

2.Once the order is submitted, sellers will review and approve it. If any changes in price are necessary, you will be notified, and you must accept the proposed changes within 48 hours. 

3.Payment processing by Collllor will take place only after both parties have approved the order.


Design Assistance

At Collllor, we understand the importance of exceptional design in creating outstanding prints. To assist you in finding the right designer, we offer three solutions:

1.Resources for Hiring Designers 
We provide a dedicated page Find a Designer featuring resources on where to hire designers. These platforms are independent, and Collllor does not receive any compensation for representing them. We list these resources solely for the convenience of our buyers, helping you connect with talented designers who can bring your vision to life.

2.Designer Links in the Ideas Catalog
In our Idea-Based Estimator Catalog, you will find that some ideas have direct links to the designers behind them. These contacts allow you to establish direct communication with the designers themselves. It's important to note that Collllor does not charge any representation fees, nor do we assume responsibility for the outcome of collaborations between buyers and designers.

3.Collllor Agents
We have a team of Collllor agents who are independent professionals specializing in providing quick and professional services and consultations. These agents are well-versed in maintaining brand integrity and style. They can also assist you with file checks and alterations to ensure your design meets your exact specifications.


While we don't directly offer design services or design templates, our aim is to provide you with the necessary resources and assistance to find the right designer for your printing needs. We are committed to supporting you in achieving exceptional designs that perfectly complement your print projects.