Leaving Feedback

To ensure a high-quality experience on the Collllor platform, Buyers must rate their experience with Sellers at the end of every order. Collllor regularly reviews that feedback, and through this process, we can create and maintain a safe and respectful environment for Sellers and Buyers. 


All the reviews and star ratings on Collllor are written by Buyers who have completed their orders using Collllor.

Reviews are limited to 200 words and must follow Collllors Review Policy. The best reviews include information that will help future Buyers and Sellers. For example, you can share your interactions with your Seller or highlight qualities that made the ordering experience special.


To leave and view your reviews:

1.Go to My Orders
2. Click on the “Rate” icon. It appears only for completed orders.


Note: You can temporarily skip the review by clicking Skip Review at the top right corner of the rating window. 


Your Rating

Your Collllor Score


Just you rate Sellers, Sellers can rate Buyers on a scale of 1-10 at the end of the order. Buyers will not see the individual rating left for a particular order. Their Score is always reported as averages. The rating is displayed under Buyer's name.



Two Areas When Rating Buyers

1. Easy and fast communication - be ready to answer all questions and submit files needed when you place your order and/or your Seller contacts you. 
2. Courtesy - treat Sellers how they'd expect to be treated.